The Writing Process of an Information-age Writer


When Chloe Jeffreys, writer, creative, and entrepreneurial friend of mine, asked if anyone wanted to be included in a pass-along writing-themed, dendriitic, sequentially shared,  blog writing prompt, I responded with a “Yes!”  Truth be know it was rather like a Horshack, “Ooow, oow, oow, pick me, pick” moment.  Fortunately, I was alone with just my computer at […]

May 2014 Essential News Recap – Nerd Edition


Crap Content Expelled For all my readers who are blog mavens, your chances of appearing in organic Google searches just got better.  A major  SEO or algorithmic adjustment,  Panda 4.0,  was rolled out late in the month to continue Google’s efforts to reward authoritative, original content. Phrased a bit differently Google has taken aim at content mills, […]

Bloggers In Search of an Industry


I watch a major segment of the blogging industry closely.  Women bloggers. The writing industry has always been a tough nut to crack.  Book publishing is not dead, but it has gone digital.  Magazine publishing is shifting and a large percentage of women read blogs instead of picking up a magazine for some female-centric time. […]

Online Privacy Straight Talk


The EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, dedicates itself to the sticky business of the expanding niches and implications of what rapid growth into new territories does, can, and may mean for online, digital, electronic communications and systems.  It is a big and heady undertaking.  I respect the Foundation.  If after reading this piece and their report, you know […]

Doing Research: The Abduction and Sale of Young Women


The recent, ongoing abduction and sale of Nigerian school girls is one of the memes of the moment.  I say this, not to demean or diminish the urgency and unjustness of the horrific kidnapping and sale of these girls as “wives.”  It is heart-wrenching, nauseating, and so terribly, terribly wrong.  Several hundred girls being abducted […]

Books, Mission Gardens, Missionaries, & A Dearth of Bean Trees


Not long after I moved to Tucson 25 years ago I read Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees, this was about the same time I came to think of  the contents of seed pods of mesquite trees as beans.  It was much later that I learned about grinding flour from the beans.  Sometimes we only understand what is by what […]

Access Tucson – We Need This Resource


With the recent renewed attempt to destroy net neutrality, the continuance of local media public resources such as Access Tucson is more important than ever before.  

Defining “Outside the Box”


People who think “outside the box” had painted the box pink and pinned a donkey tail on you before you ever realized you were in a box and started to climb out. “Just saying…” Okay, this is a bit hyperbolic.  But truly innovative culture re-arrangers are few and far between.  That is the reason that the […]

Essential Information for Entrepreneurs: April 20 – 26, 2014


Some of the very best things I have found in my web travels this week of which I believe others should be aware: Blogging Made Simple Businesses need to have an actively updated site if  that business is to be indexed by Google Search.  Incorporating a blog into your site is the most straight-forward way […]