Entrepreneurial Update

I thought I would share a few of the highlights and challenges a solopreneur such as myself faces in starting a new project.

The Writing Process of an Information-age Writer

When Chloe Jeffreys, writer, creative, and entrepreneurial friend of mine, asked if anyone wanted to be included in a pass-along writing-themed, dendriitic, sequentially shared,  blog writing prompt, I responded with a “Yes!”  Truth be know it was rather like a Horshack, “Ooow, oow, oow, pick me, pick” moment.  Fortunately, I was alone with just my computer at […]

May 2014 Essential News Recap – Nerd Edition

Crap Content Expelled For all my readers who are blog mavens, your chances of appearing in organic Google searches just got better.  A major  SEO or algorithmic adjustment,  Panda 4.0,  was rolled out late in the month to continue Google’s efforts to reward authoritative, original content. Phrased a bit differently Google has taken aim at content mills, […]