News Apps and the Merger of Zite and Flipboard

Yesterday’s news of the purchase of Zite, the mobile device app owned by CNN,  by Flipboard was a surprise to me as it no doubt was for other long-time fans of Zite.  Flipboard buying Zite seemed backwards to us. Shouldn’t Zite be buying Flipboard?  Shouldn’t the superior product buy the lesser product?  Those kinds of […]

5 Essential Business Tools for Today: Information for the Rest of Us

No this is not an Über-late Festivus post.  The intention of this post is to serve the individuals and small businesses who must compete with mega-corporations in delivering  products and services with no infrastructural support departments such as IT, Marketing, Development or HR. I specialize in helping individuals, sole proprietors to CEOs, get the information […]

Women May Be the Winners of the Google SEO Wars

The following article was originally posted on my non-business blog.  During the next few weeks I will be migrating the my best blog writing on tech to this site.  Enjoy.  – originally posted on April 2, 2012   A History Lesson For those of use who watch the web search industry develop,  the recent transformations […]