BlogHer 12: Personal Professional Publishing and Emergent Paradigms

If you are not are regular reader of my Jane of all trades blog Reason Creek, you are missing out on a great series I’m publishing over there. There are three pieces in the series that summarize elements of the 2012 annual BlogHer conference.  I learned and observed so much that I’ve had to parcel […]

Cultural Memes and Social Media Marketing

Whether you are putting up a website or validating some information before meeting with a client, you want to be sure that the information you are using is fact based and not spin. As a professional who has studied human information systems for 25 years, I have personally witnessed research, understanding, and cultural development and […]

Seeking Info: Google Does Not Always Cut It

A leading thinker of the 20th Century, Gregory Bateson, defined information as “any difference that makes a difference.” I have adopted this view of information as my view of information. Information is quite distinct from bits of data stored as strokes of ink on a page or binary states, zeroes and ones, in a digital […]