7 Steps of Decision-Making

Hill Research Services, LLC could have easily been called Hill Communications Media or something to that effect, but even though I am a bit nerdy and a definite tech lover who stays up to date with social media and new ways of using media to create and convey meaning, I love the whole process of […]

BlogHer 13 Logistical Tips

I’ve been digging into the logistics behind BlogHer 13.  I was the security and facility manager at an anthropological  state museum here in Tucson for several years and like to know about the layout and such of places I visit. I thought I might as well share. TRANSPORTATION Elisa Camhort Page’s update of 3 July […]

BlogHer 12: Personal Professional Publishing and Emergent Paradigms

If you are not are regular reader of my Jane of all trades blog Reason Creek, you are missing out on a great series I’m publishing over there. There are three pieces in the series that summarize elements of the 2012 annual BlogHer conference.  I learned and observed so much that I’ve had to parcel […]