Speaking Gigs

Nancy Hill, writer, speaker, and activist provides an engaging experience as a motivational speaker.  She draws upon all facets of her life to inform and encourage positive thought and action as applied to a range of topics

  • marketing and demography /a prototypic baby boomer, a later born baby boomer
  • exponential rate of culture change and information exchange  / anthropologist and futurist
  • self-branding and identity creation and management /as a semiotician and social media strategist
  • healing beyond the family /survivor of Munchausen Syndrome  by Proxy child abuse

She emphasizes the power of:

  • information and consciously-informed knowledge and practice
  •  healing through respect  for yourself and your body
  •  loving all of one’s self and the power of self-integration

Find out about how you can have speak at your event.

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