Locally Savvy SEO – How To Do It

Before you can do anything with SEO you need to know a bit about what it is and is not.  SEO is not getting the right density of formula-derived words into posts on your site.  It is about quality content and summarizing/indexing that content.   Search Engine Optimization is a term still bantered about, but […]

An Introduction to Locally Savvy SEO

I have had a writing business for 25 years.  I sold my first article when I was a new mother. I had been published long before that.   I sold pieces to local parenting publications all over the U.S., I sold to niche trade publications focused on corporate travel, on museum retail, and women in […]

Tucson Wiki: A Major Community Resource

On August 15th  I attended a meetup for the Tucson Wiki Project. I’d been given a heads up about the meeting by Linda Ray with whom I had worked a few years back to create a Tucson’s Birthday event in in Second Life.   About 30 people gathered at Gangplank Tucson, a creative and cooperative workspace, on the first […]