Tech Coaching

As a seasoned writer, blogger, and someone trained in the way people use information and brand identities for themselves and their businesses, I decided I should offer tech coaching sessions to share what I know.

I help small businesses, solo-preneurs, and women business owners demystify the online world of the 21st Century.  The crush of information thrown at us these days is staggering, and it is easy to become overwhelmed when you realize that as a business owner or professional you are expected to add to that crush of information.

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There are several ways I cut through the hype and present information which you may access.

Attend a Meetup

I run a Meetup Group for female writers and business owners to discuss trends and best practices in blogging.  Tucson Women Bloggers.  You can get an idea of what I do at these sessions.

Purchase an eBook


Purchase one of my InfoTech Training Packages

  • In my HANDHOLDING package I walk you through a basic blogger or site setup. $50 an hour.  Sliding scale available.
  • The SOLOPRENEUR package is a series of four one-hour sessions covering online basics, social media, security, and upkeep.  Information packets included with each session.  $275.
  • Personalized assessment and recommendation packages fit to your unique business situation also are available. Starting at $499.
  • Implementation and training packages include creation of a standardized WordPress website and two social media accounts with training in basic and best practices and start at $1250.