Online Privacy Straight Talk

The EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, dedicates itself to the sticky business of the expanding niches and implications of what rapid growth into new territories does, can, and may mean for online, digital, electronic communications and systems.  It is a big and heady undertaking.  I respect the Foundation.  If after reading this piece and their report, you know […]

Searching for Simple Blog Security Solutions

Running a business in the 21st Century presents complex challenges, and being a solopreneur or truly small business requires prioritization that would drive most business persons crazy.  So the bad news is that nothing in today’s information-based society is simple.  The good news is that we are all in this together. When the Heartbleed vulnerability […]

Heartbleed and Your Site Security

Concerned about the Heartbleed computer vulnerability?  Me too. What Is HeartBleed? As soon as I heard about the massive hole in Open SSL that leaves the majority of sites and blogs on the internet open to data grabs, I went to a popular computer tech site, TechCrunch, to find out what is what.  The article […]