The Writing Process of an Information-age Writer

When Chloe Jeffreys, writer, creative, and entrepreneurial friend of mine, asked if anyone wanted to be included in a pass-along writing-themed, dendriitic, sequentially shared,  blog writing prompt, I responded with a “Yes!”  Truth be know it was rather like a Horshack, “Ooow, oow, oow, pick me, pick” moment.  Fortunately, I was alone with just my computer at […]

Doing Research: The Abduction and Sale of Young Women

The recent, ongoing abduction and sale of Nigerian school girls is one of the memes of the moment.  I say this, not to demean or diminish the urgency and unjustness of the horrific kidnapping and sale of these girls as “wives.”  It is heart-wrenching, nauseating, and so terribly, terribly wrong.  Several hundred girls being abducted […]

What I’m Most Looking Forward to at BlogHer ’13

8th Annual BlogHer Conference – BlogHer ’13 – Part I  BlogHer is a phenomenon that illustrates the vast changes simultaneously developing in global communications, publishing, tech use, and within the structure and creation of society.  Yep.  Heady stuff.  But it is true. The amount of information we share online has increased exponentially over the last […]