Business Services

Whether you are considering revamping your approach to customer contact, a general web tune-up, or a full-on brand identity analysis, I will help you figure out your best options in this world of infinite and constantly changing brand expectations and media platforms, and how to best use them to your advantage.  For a select number of clients,  I also monitor, maintain, and update the content of specific digital channels.

I bring my expertise in information products and flow  to these business services.

Tech Coaching

Social Media Content Services

Security Process Analysis

Publishing Services

The largest scope of my own interest areas include the following topics.  Do not hesitate to ask me how these relate to your business.  Connections are everywhere.

  • Individual and corporate identity.
  • Security and information flow.
  • Ecological edges:  wetlands and arid lands.
  • Omission in the crafting of historical processes.
  • Nonverbal and visual communication.
  • Identity and Demography of the Post World War II Baby Boom.
  • Strategic placement of women perspectives in the public digital square.
  • Women pioneers and innovators.