Books, Mission Gardens, Missionaries, & A Dearth of Bean Trees

Not long after I moved to Tucson 25 years ago I read Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees, this was about the same time I came to think of  the contents of seed pods of mesquite trees as beans.  It was much later that I learned about grinding flour from the beans.  Sometimes we only understand what is by what […]

Access Tucson – We Need This Resource

With the recent renewed attempt to destroy net neutrality, the continuance of local media public resources such as Access Tucson is more important than ever before.  

Co-Working Tucson

Spaces for co-working have existed as long as there have been cafes and libraries.  The mix of activities that takes place at these public places overwhelms any attempt to define them by tugging at the edge of  the boxes we try attempt use to simplify our understanding of them.  The current mix of  coworking spaces, […]