An Introduction to Locally Savvy SEO

I have had a writing business for 25 years.  I sold my first article when I was a new mother. I had been published long before that.   I sold pieces to local parenting publications all over the U.S., I sold to niche trade publications focused on corporate travel, on museum retail, and women in […]

Entrepreneurial Update

I thought I would share a few of the highlights and challenges a solopreneur such as myself faces in starting a new project.

Books, Mission Gardens, Missionaries, & A Dearth of Bean Trees

Not long after I moved to Tucson 25 years ago I read Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees, this was about the same time I came to think of  the contents of seed pods of mesquite trees as beans.  It was much later that I learned about grinding flour from the beans.  Sometimes we only understand what is by what […]