An Introduction to Locally Savvy SEO

I have had a writing business for 25 years.  I sold my first article when I was a new mother. I had been published long before that.   I sold pieces to local parenting publications all over the U.S., I sold to niche trade publications focused on corporate travel, on museum retail, and women in business.women business by Nick Karvounis

Working in libraries and museums as day jobs honed my research how-to as the information age boomed.  I began to write for myself and the business I intended to build when the kids were grown and my academic husband’s career well-established.  I wrote newsletters, blogs, managed online groups, researched futuristic virtual world platforms, taught myself 3D graphics, and stayed current on technologies that managed and directed the new channels of information flow.

About 10 years ago I began to consciously expand my online writing network.  Today I know many top movers and shakers in women’s new media.  I love to share what I know, learn, and collect.  That is how women’s networks function.

That is what forms the underpinnings of this new series I’m writing on locally savvy SEO.  There is so much hype out there on the topic of marketing and advertising that will overwhelm or misinform local or community-based businesses who try to figure out how to integrate social media into their operations.  So I am focusing on what makes sense from a local or community perspective.

Some of the topics you can look forward to in this series will include:

  • How does authenticity factor into marketing?
  • Just what is a network?
  • How do I do SEO?
  • Is social media really just a wasteful time-synch?
  • Can you do it all?
  • Is online security possible?
  • How do you evaluate vendors in unfamiliar service sectors?

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