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I’ve been digging into the logistics behind BlogHer 13.  I was the security and facility manager at an anthropological  state museum here in Tucson for several years and like to know about the layout and such of places I visit. I thought I might as well share.


Elisa Camhort Page’s update of 3 July 2013 per some changes so as to consolidate the expo and meeting venues as well as transportation via shuttles between the hotel and the conference center. This morning I participated in a fun multi-participant video chat on with Elisa, one of the founders of BlogHer, and a couple dozen other people with questions.  Great things I found out about transportation  between the Sheraton and McCormick Place is that that shuttles will run back and forth ALL DAY between venues although the majority of the shuttle buses will be at beginning day of sessions at McCormick Place and and the end of the day’s events when all participants will want to return to the hotel.  There is a dedicated shuttle route on the lower level of Chicago’s downtown streets which you can get a feel of on the linked video of a drive along Lower Wacker Drive.


I had planned to attend the tracks which were to occur at the hotel and only zip down to the convention center a couple of times, but things are changing, so I might as well go with it.  Thursday events will still take place at Sheraton.  The Thursday Events:  HealthMinder, Pathfinder, & Viewfinder.

McCormick Place Convention Center Facility info download for McCormick Place  (19 pages in pdf)  or just go to the page that details the area of the facility that BlogHer will be using: West Building facility.


Thursday Participants will check-in at the Sheraton where the sessions will be held.   The plan is to pick up Friday and Saturday event badges and bags at McCormick Place, but some of the snags have to be worked out.  Like… how do you get identified to ride the shuttle bus if you haven’t already registered.

Registration for all events is still open.


Travel time had been factored in to lunches at McCormick, and now there will be less of that needed so Birds of a Feather sessions will probably be re-incorporated into this years schedule at lunch.

OTHER TIPS and TRICKS for Conferences

Contact info that is good to have in your phone, on your person, or somewhere accessible

Security Info

  • McCormick Place Security: 312-791-6060
  • Hotel name and phone number.  For the Sheraton:
    Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers
    301 East North Water Street | Chicago, IL
    60611-4300 | USA
    312-464-1000 | 312-464-9140
  • Phone numbers
    • Someone you know in the Chicago area
    • Have some of the info backed up in print form, just in case

Sessions, Parties, and Gathering Info

  • Contact the people you want to connect with at the conference ahead of time and arrange a time & place (session) to meet
  • Have the sessions that you absolutely want to attend highlighted on your calendar.  Also outline your sessions in the BlogHer ’13 app that is available in the App Store and on Google Play
  • The Sheraton (per this morning’s video Shindig) has lots of Lobby & Bar places spaces and nooks for Tribe Gatherings.  I suggest that you send someone (some three probably – as three women with the same agenda can do anything)  ahead of time to stake out a place for your tribe to gather informally.  And don’t forget to do a Birds of a Feather session to connect with new tribe members who may not have all the “in crowd” info.
  • Consider having an official Twitter Handle for your Tribe

Business Card Info

  • You will need the most cards on Thursday and Friday
  • Have a place for your cards.  Have a place for the cards you receive from others.
  • Remember that the BlogHer 13 App has attendee info in it for those who chose to make it public
  • Have a QR Code on your card so you can have people scan your one remaining card for your info if you run out

Health & Wellness Info

I find that it is always good to have an idea where you can zip off to get some non-restaurant food, sundries, and such that is near to where you are staying. Pharmacies too.

  • Dominicks Grocery


255 E. Grand Ave Chicago, IL 60611

Store Hours

Open 24 hours


Store Phone: 312-279-1305 Pharmacy Phone: 312-279-1309

Pharmacy Hours

Mon-Fri 7:00AM-8:00PMSat 9:00AM-5:00PMSun 10:00AM-3:00PM

  • Walgreens  (not 24 hrs from what I can tell)
342 East Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 467-0485

For now, that is that, but… I will have more BlogHer-themed  (though I am totally non-affiliated with #BlogHer13 officially) research and content related info up in the near future.

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