Cultural Memes and Social Media Marketing

Whether you are putting up a website or validating some information before meeting with a client, you want to be sure that the information you are using is fact based and not spin.

As a professional who has studied human information systems for 25 years, I have personally witnessed research, understanding, and cultural development and integration of informational concepts fall from mainstream concern as memes of the moment are given homage and airplay. The interesting thing about what I have observed is that the concept of the meme as originally put forward when Richard Dawkins coined the term in the 1970s was cultural and thus somewhat ephemeral, but not the micro-momentary flash in the pan that the term meme connotes in the Twitterverse.

I walk a path between the knowledge I gained through studying and working with some of the best theorists and practitioners in semiotics and nonverbal communication in the 20th Century, and the understanding I have developed of social media marketing since I jumped into the social sphere of the metaverse in the late 1990s.

When you hire me you get the best of traditional and cutting edge knowledge and practice delivered in a way that makes sense both to you and the information flow within which your market operates.

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