BlogHer 12: Personal Professional Publishing and Emergent Paradigms

If you are not are regular reader of my Jane of all trades blog Reason Creek, you are missing out on a great series I’m publishing over there.

There are three pieces in the series that summarize elements of the 2012 annual BlogHer conference.  I learned and observed so much that I’ve had to parcel out my responses and report backs.  This was the 8th annual BlogHer Conference and it took place in mid-town Manhattan with over 5000 attendees.

I call the first piece a personal executive summary.  It is a high level summary about the distinct, influential entity that is BlogHer.  The second piece focuses on the personal network of amazing women that it is possible to assemble through conference attendance.  The third post or article is a piece about the metamorphosis of the publishing industry as much as anything.

Everything we know is changing with the rapid deployment of technology that allows us to create and tap our own personal data streams.  The world view of someone growing up right now is a node in a collective net of global information far more than a creator, distributor, or consumer of information.  While those of us who were born in the 20th Century may think of placing a check-mark in any one of the distinct roles per information that I just mentioned, those who belong to the 21st Century will probably be unable to fathom the segmented, linear world view that you and I have as the infrastructural rubric of our consciousness.

Heady stuff.  I think I present some of the aspects of this emergent cultural metamorphosis very well in these three blog posts, even if I do say so myself.



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